The Roti Blanket


You ever wanted to be cuddled up nice and warm like ah roti?

Introducing "The Roti Blanket"

The PERFECT gift for you, a friend or a loved one! Custom made to look EXACTLY like a roti fresh off the tawa! Each roti blanket is wrapped in a brown bag with grease stains (Fake grease of course) and a hand written order just like you would get at your favorite roti shop! Super soft, high quality design, printed fleece blanket to keep you warm and wrapped up like a roti!

Product details:

- Super soft and warm fleece blanket
-Sherpa lined for maximum comfort
- High quality materials made to last
- High quality print to look just like a roti
- Individaully wrapped in a brown paper bag
- Fake grease stains (Coconut oil)
- Roti shop sticker on each bag

Available in Two sizes:

Small Roti: 60 x 60 inches
Large Roti: 71 x 71 inches