About Us

We are proud to announce the launch of WTMC Clothing! ShopWTMC.com makes it simple and efficient to stay up to date with our products and order all that we have to offer on one easy-to-use site. We offer the highest quality products at a reasonable price point. Designed to #Represent and promote our culture, WTMC clothing is sure to bring vibes to your wardrobe!

This is WTMC, the new lifestyle brand by @Cooliegram_WTMC! The goal is to inspire, guide, market and most importantly #Represent our people and our culture to the world. WTMC seeks to embody the lifestyles, interests, attitudes and opinions of our people and provide an outlet to express them. Whether it be marketing, promoting, events, clothing, merchandise or social media, we are the Caribbean and we will be your guide. Join us on our journey from island to island, fete to fete and help spread the love and good vibes from our beautiful culture to the world! 

Refund Policy: No refunds offered. Exchanges provided as necessary at the discretion of seller. Please email us with any concerns and we will do our best to address and accommodate as needed!

 Thank you for your continued support!